The Dronster Project depicts genetic engineering through a series of painted monsters,

encouraging viewers to begin to form their own opinions on the ethics of genetic engineering.


A new order that has been discovered on a distant island, called Dendronster Aliratus. Those creatures are depicted below.

The Striped Minglecoff (Minglecophaga Tridactyliped)

The Otis (Otiphyzoa)

The Furmer (Lynx Fursemous)

The Firenzeist (Phirezeisten Calculous)

A hybrid creature — the offspring of the Furmer and the Striped Minglecoff —  will have various features of each of the two Dronsters. I have explored the genotype and phenotype of the newly born offspring and genetically altered it to add an extra dimension.

In order to genetically engineer a semi colorful Striped Furmer Dronster, these are the steps that have been taken.

Sampled cells and extracted  DNA from

 an Otis Dronster via cheek swab

Located the gene in

the Otis containing it's multicolored pigments.

Injected gene into a Striped Furmer zygote so that the embryo would form with the Otis DNA.


I injected a gene containing multicolored pigments into a Striped Furmer zygote so that the embryo will form with the Otis DNA and inserted that embryo into a Striped Murmer for it to develop in utero. The results are as follows.

Baby Striped Furmer (Hybrid of Minglecophaga Tridactyliped and  Lynx Fursemous)